Kinetics is a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation running on Bitcoin, Counterparty & Smart Contracts. The difference between the corporations everyone is used to that we work for, that we invest in & the ones we even despise. Corporations were created long ago, on a frontier of pirates & pioneers. The innovation Kinetics brings to the world is a new kind of corporation that is in a sense remote controlled from its customers phones.

It brings a democratic, representative and capitalistic set of processes into code. Kinetics is a company like any other in the corporate world, it has articles of incorporation, an EIN tax number, it has an address and office space. This corporation has employees, it has executives & even board members. In most cases no one has the chance to influence these companies unless they work their way to the top or protest a company's product.

What Kinetics brings is a new way to control a corporation. Using a counterparty token called KShares, you can purchase ownership of Kinetics & now access the company dashboard. This dashboard allows you to post proposals. A proposal is how you submit a new product idea, a complaint, a rule change or a vote on personnel changes, everything a company executive, board member or basic shareholder with voting rights has at all these corporations. Now using Bitcoin technology, you can store your ownership of Kinetics in your bitcoin wallet.

You can store you're BTC & KShares on one address, this same address is used to login to the company dashboard using Airbitz Edge Login. The proposals are listed on a stream that feels very similar to Twitter & Instagram. The proposals that you submit become cards that anyone can see, click on to read details & vote on using their KShares. These KShares can be purchased and sold on any Cryptocurrency exchange and any DEX or Decentralized Exchange. This process allows anyone with $1 to own Kinetics, submit changes and propose new products or directions the company should take.

A proposal will initially take 51% to become what is called a resolution in the corporation. In a corporation at the board room meetings, when a proposal is voted on and agreed to, a resolution form is created and signed. This is now essentially a new law within the corporation adding to or modifying the company bylaws. When a proposal becomes a resolution, a smart contract automatically moves the funds into multisig wallets for the projects and organizes a series of documents to organize the project using automation. This will allow the company to instantly be changed by the masses who own and operate it. Imagine paying $1 and writing a proposal, and the Shareholders voting on it to become a resolution. Now you paid $1 to dictate how this corporation works, but it only works with consensus just like Bitcoin itself. Kinetics can be modified by you.

If you want to purchase all the KShares and buy the company up there are 10 Billion KShares. Whatever the world values them as will determine the revenue created by Kinetics and will change the products & services Kinetics is providing to the public. This process will start simple, to help onboard user to this new concept, eventually, just like Facebook, more detailed features present in all corporations will become more present on the Kinetics application.

This whole thing was created to make a corporation that can do anything. What it does is determined by the shareholders who want it to be apart of their dreams for the future. Anyone from a 5 year old can submit a proposal and modify the company. Someone who dislikes the products can propose a new product or a modification to one. Someone can purchase millions of dollars worth of KShares and become a board member and vote to modify bylaws, the most basic underlying parts of the corporation. Kinetics was made to give you control, to give you power, to let you run the peoples corporation that can do anything you imagine it can do. See the future.

Kinetics is the gamification of corporate takeover. Will you be playing the game?


  • Company Name KINETICS, inc.
  • CATEGORY: Food, Transportation, Housing, Medical, Financial, ELectronics, Bitcoin, DAC, Blockchain, Smart Contracts
  • CLIENTS: Everyone
  • Location: Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Date: JAN 1, 2016

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